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Poor dental hygiene can lead to several illnesses, making oral care one of the most important elements of your pet's health. You should have your pet's teeth checked once a year to ensure that plaque and tartar haven't built up. We offer:

  • Teeth, gum and oral health check for your dog or cat
  • Preventative scale and polish treatment under general anaesthesia to ensure good dental health and prevent tooth decay and other diseases associated with poor dental health
  • Minor and major tooth extractions where needed
The finest source of nutrition for your pet is dry dog or cat food, not canned or moist food. This is because the firmer dry food aids in the removal of plaque, which can cause tooth decay and harden into tartar, resulting in gum disease. Our experts can recommend the best sort of food and chew treats for your pet during your animal's wellness care appointment.

If your pet has dental problems or is genetically predisposed to dental disease, we may recommend meals that help prevent plaque and tartar buildup.